best food

As like skin, the condition of hair is an outward indication of the inside health and of course every person wants healthy and strong hair. Hair grows for around 1.25 cm per month under 15 cm per year.  The growth of the hair depends upon various factors like age, genetics, health and diet. Since you cannot change the factors like genetics and age, diet is the only thing that you can control over. Here is a list of the best food for healthy hair.


Nuts contain a wide variety of nutrients and it is a best food for hair growth.  Say an Ounce of almonds contains vitamin E and it provides about 30% of your daily needs of Vitamin E.  Nuts also provide various nutrition’s like vitamin B, zinc and other essential fatty acids. All these nutrition are really helpful for having a healthy hair, and in fact they also help in lowering the risk of heart diseases.


Eggs contain a high amount of biotin and protein, which are highly responsible for hair growth and so eggs are considered as the best choice of food for hair growth and healthy hair.  In taking adequate amount of protein is very important for the growth of the hair since hair follicles are mostly made up of proteins, and lack of protein in the diet will cause hair loss. Biotin is very essential for the production of the hair protein called keratin and that is why biotin supplements are marketed for hair growth.


It is a healthy green vegetable that contains highly beneficial nutrients like Iron, foliate, and vitamins like A and C, which help in hair growth.


Berries contain various beneficial vitamins and compounds, which greatly help in the promotion of hair growth.  The berries mainly include Vitamin C, which highly has the antioxidant properties that can protect hair follicles against damages.


Avocados are very nutritious and they are the excellent source of vitamin E which also responsible for promoting hair growth. Vitamin E also helps in protecting the areas of the skin like scalp from various kinds of damages and stress.


Lack of the correct nutrition will slow down the growth of hair and sometimes even great hair loss. These are some of the food for healthy hair and by eating them, you can definitely have a huge effect on your hair health.